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Biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin, Just Got Easier. Plus, 3 Day Trips You’ll Love!

A woman is biking on a trail.

Biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin can sometimes be a challenge. If you’ve ever ridden here before you know…there are a lot of hills.

Bayfield is a charming little town built on the rolling terrain of the south shore of Lake Superior.

Its picturesque ravines, creeks, and brownstone cliffs make it a bucket list travel destination.

While these and other features of the Bayfield hillside create opportunities for some great day hikes, if you’re pedaling on a bike, you’re undoubtedly going to feel some serious burning inside your legs… and you might even regret your decision to go biking in Bayfield.

My husband Isaac has enjoyed mountain biking ever since his Burnsville days, long before we moved to Bayfield and opened our lakeside motel. 

Since we’ve been in Bayfield, he’s continued to bike on the Chequamegon Area Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA) cluster of trails at Mt. Ashwabay, but this past fall he made a purchase that has ignited a whole new level of excitement to his love for biking…

He bought an e-bike. 

But quick disclaimer… Issac’s not even  37 years old yet, and on top of that, he’s in very good shape. 

So why on earth would he need an e-bike? Good question. 

I think it goes to show that the hills around here are no joke.

There are simply days when you can easily talk yourself out of biking in Bayfield because you don’t feel like battling the terrain. For Isaac, buying an e-bike greatly impacted how much he enjoys the sport. He says that he always liked ripping down the hills, but since riding an e-bike, the uphills are now just as fun too.

As much as we encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view when you visit us at Seagull Bay, we also want you to find adventure and experience Bayfield in new and fun ways. 

Bayfield is such a beautiful place surrounded by:

  • Lake Superior
  • The Apostle Islands
  • Berry farms and orchards

But seeing Bayfield from your car window as compared to the open air is a very different experience, and one that we don’t want you to miss out on while you’re here!

That’s why we’ve purchased a couple of e-bikes for you to rent when you stay with us. We can’t wait for you to explore Bayfield and see the surrounding communities in a whole new light as you adventure in the fresh air.

In today’s blog, we’ve put together 3-day trips we know you’ll love when biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Plus, each one has the added ease of riding directly out of the Seagull Bay parking lot, making it the perfect excursion when you’re staying on the lake with us.

1. Pedal from One Orchard to Another on the County J Loop When Biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin

County J is the best way to visit the orchards found just outside of the city of Bayfield.

To explore the County J bike loop in Bayfield, begin by heading north on Highway 13. In less than a mile north of town, you’ll turn left onto County Highway J. Here you’ll have a gentle climb up to the orchards, and if needed, it’s the perfect spot to use your pedal assist option to make your ride a little less taxing. 

County J winds its way through some of Bayfield’s largest orchards and berry farms and includes the Bayfield Fruit Loop (farms located on both Betzold Road and County J). 

Bayfield, WI blueberries.

Get a taste of Bayfield while you pedal from one orchard and fruit stand to another, getting a variety of delicious samples.

  • Homemade apple cider at the Bayfield Apple Company
  • Apfelhaus Hard Cider at Hauser’s Superior View Farm
  • Apple Cider Donuts at Erickson’s Orchard
  • Sweet cherries at Apple Hill Orchard
  • Juicy blueberries at Blue Vista Farm

From here you’ll be able to coast down the hill on the south end of County J for a final stop at Adventure Club Brewery at Howl Adventure Center. Clink your beer mugs together and toast to a perfect day of biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin! 

The County J Loop is under 10 miles with stops in between so you can enjoy Bayfield at a slower pace.

To get back to Seagull Bay, all you have to do is pedal onto Highway 13 and head towards town. In less than a mile, you’ll arrive back at the motel just in time to relax and enjoy an evening on your private deck overlooking Lake Superior. 

2. Bike to Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island

Sign for Bay View Trail sign on Madeline Island, Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

The second trip we know you’ll love is riding your e-bike to catch the Madeline Island Ferry and bike to Big Bay State Park. 

To catch the 25-minute ferry ride to Madeline Island, just take a right out of the parking lot or use the Brownstone Trail into town toward the Ferry Boat Landing.

From the railing of the ferry, you’ll catch a unique shoreline view of the Bayfied hillside and Chequamegon Bay.

Once docked, you can hop on your bike and pedal 6 miles, basking in the sunshine and cool lake breeze to the east side of the island. You’ll love exploring the diverse landscape the island offers, including: 

  • Pedaling through wooded country roads
  • Riding along sandy shorelines
  • Passing through pine forests 

…all before entering Big Bay State Park. 

At Big Bay, you can cool off in Lake Superior by jumping off of the sandstone cliffs with the locals or sunbathing on one of the most pristine beaches within the Apostle Islands.

Before heading back to Bayfield on the ferry, make sure to stop and grab an ice cream cone at Uncle Tony’s, or a burger at the Beach Club in the town of Lapointe.

Madeline Island is the perfect place to take your bike whether you have a pedal-assist option or not. Its flat terrain is a popular way to explore the island.

Get back in time to catch a breathtaking sunset over the lake while sipping a drink on the balcony. You’ll sleep well that night, I just know it!

3. Bike to the Top of Mt. Ashwabay and Take a Selfie With Lake Superior as Your Backdrop

The third trip on our list allows you to experience mountain biking at its best at Mt. Ashwabay. 

Located two miles south of Seagull Bay, all you have to do is take a left out of the parking lot on South Highway 13 to Ski Hill Road. The Ashwabay Trailhead is located 1 mile up the hill, just before you get to the ski resort.

The CAMBA trails at Mt. Ashwabay are some of the best in the entire trail system. Here you can climb your way to the top of Mt. Ashwabay and see panoramic views of:

  • The Pike’s Creek Watershed
  • Lake Superior and The Apostle Islands
  • The Madeline Island Ferry gliding across the bay

The top of Mt. Ashwabay is also a popular place to take a selfie and refuel your body before heading back down to the trailhead or continuing to explore the rest of this 20-mile trail system.

Biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin is Easier When You Rent an E-bike from Seagull Bay

A private deck of Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield, WI

No matter what kind of bike you like to ride, biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin offers any cyclist a variety of ride options, including:

  • Quiet county roads
  • Smooth highways 
  • Adventurous single-track

…and everything in between. And now that we have e-bikes for you to rent while staying at Seagull Bay, you can explore Bayfield and cover more ground with ease.

We’re so excited to offer you this new amenity. Ask us more about it when you book your stay at Seagull Bay!

After your day of biking in Bayfield, Wisconsin, you’ll get to sit back, relax on the balcony or private deck outside of your room overlooking Lake Superior, and raise your glasses to celebrate an unforgettable day.

Are you ready to start planning your ultimate Bayfield getaway? Check out our seasonal adventure guide, created to save you time and stress as you plan your trip. We’re here to help you experience Bayfield’s best! 

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