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The 5 Best Places to Take a Selfie This Spring in Bayfield, Wisconsin + Giveaway

A girl takes selfie in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

As a kid, did you ever participate in a scavenger hunt? 

Before cell phones, you had to show proof and collect all the items you were searching for. But with a camera readily in hand, scavenger hunts are easier and more fun than ever. Plus, they’re a great way to explore places you may have never visited before.

Bayfield, Wisconsin has lots of hidden treasures and unforgettable views. And spring is a great time to explore our area if you:

  • Like a quieter Bayfield experience 
  • Enjoy mosquito-free hiking and forest bathing
  • Love smelling the apple blossoms and hearing the birds calling

Honestly, Isaac and I (Mollie) think May is a lovely time to experience Bayfield in a whole new way. To add to your fun, we’ve designed a scavenger hunt to help you experience some of our favorite places. And when you post three or more of your pics on social media using #seagullbaymotel we’ll enter you in a drawing for some free merch.

Grab your fanny pack, water bottle, and phone to get started. 

1. Pose on Top of the Meyer’s Beach Sea Caves on Lake Superior

Mayers Beach trail view on Lake Superior

The Meyer’s Beach Hiking Trail is the most scenic trail in our area. 

This rugged trail starts at the Meyer’s Beach parking lot located on North Highway 13, about a 20-minute drive from Seagull Bay.

It follows the Lake Superior shoreline for the majority of the trail. Then, you’ll hike through hardwood forests, up and down steep ravines, and on top of the mainland sea caves. 

The first selfie spot is the Crevasse, located 1.8 miles from the trailhead. Here you’ll get your first close-up of the mainland sea caves – and maybe a kayaker paddling below. The wooden bridge above the Crevasse is your cue to snap a pic of this natural wonder.

Follow the trail a little further and you’ll weave your way into a stand of red pine trees and a spigot of land above the caves. Underneath your feet, you’ll hear the waves echoing throughout the caves in a percussive chorus.

This little peninsula is the next best place to take a selfie surrounded by Lake Superior and its brownstone sea caves. This spot is 2.4 miles from the trailhead.

Grab a pic at either one of these spots and post it onto your social media using #seagullbaymotel and cross off the Meyer’s Beach Sea Caves from your list.

2. Catch the Apostle Islands With the Perfect Angle on Top of Mt. Ashwabay

The next spot we know you’ll love is the panoramic view of the Pike’s Creek Valley and The Apostle Islands on top of Mt. Ashwabay. 

This popular spot is located 2 miles south of Bayfield and is a short 5-minute drive from Seagull Bay.

Now how you get to the top is up to you…

  • If hiking is your thing, the quickest route is parking at the bottom of the ski hill and walking straight up. 
  • If you enjoy a wooded trail, the CAMBA mountain biking trails surround Mt. Ashwabay and ascend to the top. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider (hiking is allowed too) there is something for everyone.

To get to the top from the Mt. Ashwabay trailhead, you can pedal along mostly easy green trails with a little bit of intermediate blue trail mixed in. If this feels intimidating, everything is walkable.

For more of a challenge, choose some chunky blue and black trails that veer off of the main trails. The trails are well-marked and maps are located throughout the trail system so you don’t get lost.

Once you reach the top, it’s time to pose for your photo. And if you time it just right, you can catch the Madeline Island Ferry in the background skirting across the bay.

3. Fill Your Background With Apple Blossoms and Spring Blooms in Bayfield, Wisconsin

Spring blooms in Bayfield, Wisconsin

There’s nothing like smelling the fresh cherry and apple blossoms in the spring. The sweet fragrance wafts throughout endless rows of apple and cherry trees on the Bayfield, Wisconsin hillside.

Selfie spot number three is near one of Bayfield’s highest landmarks. The Red Barn at Hauser’s Superior View Farm is found just outside of town – less than a 10-minute drive from Seagull Bay.

The red barn located on the century-old, family-owned farm, is best known for its bare root perennial sale in May. But if you climb the stairs to the loft of the barn, you’ll quickly understand the farm’s namesake. 

Here you’ll cast your eyes on a breathtaking view that looks out over the orchards to Lake Superior. And on a clear day, you can see the Porcupine Mountains near Ontonagon, Michigan

This is the place to wrap your arms around each other and click, taking selfie number three.

While you’re visiting the farm, browse their selection of perennials, annuals, and gifts. Or sample Apfelhaus Hard Cider brewed on-site by this fifth-generation farming family.

4. Fit All of Bayfield, Wisconsin on Your Screen From the Deck of the Madeline Island Ferry

This spot is one you’ve seen on all the brochures, and for good reason. You can only capture it from the Madeline Island Ferry deck – yup, you have to ride a boat.

The easiest way to board the ferry is to walk into town using the Brownstone Trail. Then, walk seven blocks to the ferry boat landing, a 15-20 minute walk from Seagull Bay. Once you buy your ticket, make sure to grab a seat on the upper deck or stand alongside the railing facing the city of Bayfield.

When the ropes are untied and the ferry slips away from the dock, you’ll see the Bayfield Harbor and the hillside spread out before you:

  • Victorian-style homes stacked on top of each other like a pop-up book 
  • The Catholic church steeple and school high on the hill
  • Old-growth hardwood and pine trees standing in the background

Marvel in the beauty and smile as you record another memory of your Bayfield, Wisconsin getaway using #seagullbaymotel.

Don’t Forget to Take a Selfie of You Enjoying the View of Lake Superior at Seagull Bay

A woman is sitting on the deck of Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Last but not least we love to see how you like to spend your time at Seagull Bay. 

Whether you like to bask in the sun, nose-deep in a good book or sip on cocktails on one of the decks overlooking the lake, we love when you share your memories with us.

And, depending on where you’re staying at Seagull Bay, each property has a unique view:

  • Wide open spaces at The Motel
  • Cozy pines framing the lake at Bay West
  • Peeks of blue water at The Brownstone Cottage

We love all of our properties and we know you will too. Snap a pic and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram highlighting your favorite places when you visit Bayfield.

And to jazz things up a bit, if you share three or more of your selfies from the scavenger hunt we’ll put you in a drawing to win some Seagull Bay merch.

Click HERE to start planning your springtime vacation in Bayfield, Wisconsin at Seagull Bay.

Your Memories with a View!

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Meyer’s Beach Hiking Trail

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Hauser’s Superior View Farm  

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