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We’re the Carriers – Restoring a Slice of Bayfield Just for You!

Isaac had a stable job, and my business was growing. Isaac worked as a full-time firefighter in Burnsville, Minnesota. I owned Mollie Kae Hair and Makeup Artistry.

We even had the house. A five-bedroom, three bath home in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Hudson, Wisconsin. We were living the American dream.

Life was good.

Then in July of 2016, we welcomed our first little firecracker – our son Axel. And as you may know, parenthood changes things.

This was when Isaac got the crazy idea of uprooting our lives and moving back to his hometown of Bayfield, Wisconsin – “The Best Little Town in the Midwest.” But that wasn’t the crazy part. He wanted to purchase a motel!

I honestly thought this was a pipe dream, and he’d quickly move past it. But the more we explored the idea, the more doors kept opening.

In June 2017, we were handed the keys to Seagull Bay Motel with an almost one-year-old on my hip and pregnant with our second. Our son Ridge was born exactly two months later.

Since then, we’ve done it all. We’ve answered the phones, mowed the lawns, cleaned rooms, and anything else that needed our attention. We’ve done it all, but not alone. We’ve walked alongside our incredible staff to create a laid-back and inviting place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin. A place for you.

And what’s even better is the people we’ve met and the relationships we’ve built with our guests. Guests who feel comfortable enough to walk around on their bare feet. Guests who even tell us they don’t like our modern design choices, but still kiss me (Mollie) on the cheek.

We love hearing about your adventures on Lake Superior and in Bayfield. From your favorite shows at Big Top Chautauqua, where you like to pick berries, and the delicious food you have for dinner.

our story

We moved back to Bayfield to raise our family 


A place where we could                                                  and be near family and friends.

establish our roots

A place where we could 

feel connected.

We want you to experience the peacefulness and calm only a quiet little lakeside town can give. We want you to take a break from your every day and come to a place where you can rest your soul and stir your imagination. 

Come to Seagull Bay in Bayfield, Wisconsin where you can slow down, connect with loved ones, and get lost in the views of Lake Superior.

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"Seagull Bay is my happy place."


Seagull Bay’s Long History of Welcoming Whole Families and Travelers to Bayfield and the Apostle Islands

The seagull bay story


Seagull Bay in Bayfield, Wisconsin started as a simple cottage


 Alfred’s son, Donald, and his blushing bride Cecilia took over the business.

They initially lived in the cottage at Seagull (that still stands before moving to the white and green house right next door. Cecilia still lives there to this day.

Answering the desires of their guests, they added a three-unit motel to offer a more modern place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

This increased their prices somewhere around $10-15 per night. Cecilia said if their “rooms were clean and neat, they would always be full.”


Donald and Cecilia owned and operated Seagull Bay until the 1980s when it was sold to  Verdane Hansen & Larry Reiten.

Cecilia and their amazing staff hustled from spring until late fall – washing, ironing, cleaning, and greeting guests. During this time, Donald worked as a TV repairman. Together, they raised two children.

Donald and Cecilia owned and operated Seagull Bay until the 1980s. But when Donald was diagnosed with leukemia, Seagull Bay was sold to its new owners, Verdane Hansen and Larry Reiten.


Verdane and Larry ran Seagull Bay for about ten years before selling it to Mike and Jeanne Goodier in the 1990s.

 Mike and Jeanne expanded Seagull Bay to include Bay West and worked tirelessly to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. They worked hard to create a place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin that guests would want to come back to year after year – all while raising their two girls.

A simple cottage built by the Alfred Duquette family. Other cottages soon followed and were the first to boast an amenity we now take for granted – indoor plumbing. For this convenience, and Seagull Bay’s unforgettable views of Lake Superior, a night’s stay would cost you $6.


Here the legacy continues...

In 2017, Mike and Jeanne handed over the keys to Mollie and Isaac Carrier 


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Ready to find your dream room?

Seagull Bay is family-owned and offers you serenity along with dreamy views of Lake Superior.

It’s a place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin that you’ll want to come back to year after year.

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Where You Can Sit Back 



Since purchasing Seagull Bay, we’ve been thankful to walk through this life together as a family and create our story in Bayfield, Wisconsin. What we enjoy most is living at a slower pace for our family. This is what we want for you too.

We came back to Bayfield to make a place for you.

It’s more than a room.

It’s the feeling of peace when you pull into the parking lot.

It's the calmness you feel when you sit on the balcony.

It’s an escape.

Seagull Bay is more than just a place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin. 

An escape from the hustle and bustle of every day. It’s a break from a hectic job, always trying to keep up, and a house that never seems to stay clean.

Here you can ease into the morning, watching the sun rise over Madeline Island and its rays dancing on the water.

Here, you can get lost in the view or in the pages of a good book.

Here, you can stroll along the shoreline of Lake Superior on The Brownstone Trail just steps from your room.

You can catch a show at Big Top Chautauqua using the free shuttle service from our parking lot.

Seek adventure on the big lake or along the hills of Bayfield – kayaking, sailing, biking, and hiking. 

At Seagull Bay, Bay West, and The Brownstone Cottage, we invite you to just be. 

Seagull Bay is a place to stay in Bayfield, Wisconsin where you can “breathe.” Come and create memories. 

Your memories with a view!

~ Mollie, Isaac, Axel, Ridge, and Banks

i need this vacation!

“Escape the demands of a rigorous job and just breath…”

“I’ve been coming to Seagull Bay for over 30 years and always feared it would someday be replaced by a new, modern, but cookie-cutter, hotel. But you Carriers have done an OUTSTANDING job of keeping what so many of us longtime customers LOVED about the place Mike and Jeannie created. But enhancing it in the most wonderful ways (I LOVE the new bedding…) I used to come to Bayfield and Seagull Bay to escape the demands of a rigorous job and just BREATH for a while. Now that I’m retired, I still anticipate and enjoy what it has always been – a lovely, calm, and peaceful place to be. Well done, Carriers.”

~ Nancy

“Great Vibe”

“Such a great, old-fashioned ‘Mom & Pop’ vibe! Having the walking trail just down the stairs is such a nice way to walk to the shops and restaurants in town. We attended our first Big Top Chautauqua show, and the free shuttle stopping there was such a huge bonus.”

~ Sue Ann

“Quaint hotel with beautiful views”

“Quaint hotel with sweeping views of the bay. We had a second-floor room that included a shared balcony which was a lovely spot for morning coffee. The coffee maker in the room made a surprisingly good cup. Nothing fancy about this classic upgraded motel but very clean and charming place to spend a night.”

~ Paul T

“Family- owned with charm”

“A clean, charming motel with attention to detail. You could tell the owners care about their property and their customers. Wonderful lake views sitting on the deck or just looking out your window. Access to the walking trail makes for an easy walk into town.”

~ Deb K


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