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3 Reasons Bayfield in November Is the Ultimate Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Really? Did I just say that? With limited commercial activities available? Signs in restaurants and shop windows read ‘closed’ for the season. This begs the question what kind of things can you do in Bayfield in November?

The Bayfield Apple Festival is long past and the farmers are cleaning up their orchards after another apple season.

The leaves have changed from vibrant reds, yellows, oranges to rusty browns covering the ground.

And the weather? Well, that too is changing, as we start to embrace the thoughts of winter and get ready for the snow.

Bayfield has entered its quiet season.

Parking is abundant and you no longer have to wait in line for your favorite latte.

Yes, activities and things to do are limited. But for those looking to truly slow down and get away from it all this may be the perfect time to come.

In today’s culture, we rarely find the time to be with ourselves. Or truly connect with those we care about most – without the distraction of constant entertainment.

Isaac and I are no different. We sometimes find it hard to wind down after a busy tourist season at Seagull Bay. Even when we look forward to a slower pace.

In this week’s blog, we invite you to come to Bayfield in its off-season:

  • Reconnect with yourself or someone you love
  • Reconnect with your body
  • Reconnect with nature

Here’s our list of things to do in Bayfield in November to help you reconnect.

3 Ways to Reconnect When Visiting Bayfield in November

We’re giving you permission to take a step back and plan an uneventful weekend in Bayfield. This may not be what immediately comes to mind when planning a trip. But it might be just what you need.

couple in field

1. Reconnect With Yourself and Someone You Love.

When is the last time you truly inhaled the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? Or when was the last time you sat in silence without scrolling on your phone or hearing the TV in the background?

When visiting Bayfield in November, take the time to slowly greet the morning. Enjoy not having to rush off to work or getting the kids off to school. You don’t have a reservation waiting for you. You have time to sit. Put away your phones, shut off the TV, and savor your hot cup of coffee.

Sit in silence and watch the waves float into the shore from your window.

Watch Lake Superior in all its moodiness. It changes from the bright blue waters of summer to the stoney gray waters bracing itself for its icy winter blanket.

Buy a new journal from Apostle Islands Book Sellers or the Brownstone Centre and spend the morning journaling or meditating.

Enjoy an uninterrupted conversation and stay in your pajamas a little longer.

Or wander down to the Wonderstate Cafe. Indulge in the pages of that book you’ve been meaning to read. Or pick up a game of cribbage and get lost in being fully present with only one activity.

yoga studio

2. Reconnect With Your Body

It’s no secret that our bodies do amazing things. We can move in all sorts of ways, test its strengths limits, create new things like art or invent the latest gadget.

But what if you take a moment to really focus on how you move or get lost in the healing touch of a massage? How would you feel?

Flow through gentle movements – feel your limbs stretch, and your muscles engage as Darcy from Blu studio+wellness guides you through Subtle to Strong Yoga.

Schedule a holistic facial. Or learn how to take your nutrition to a new level. Darcy will help you make a plan to easily navigate all the indulgences of the holidays.

Visit Superior Body and Spa. Spend an afternoon enjoying the healing touch of a massage or a decadent facial, or spend time in the infrared sauna. Nourish your body with blissful skin treatments and body wraps. Melt your way into a deep state of relaxation.

man hiking

3. Reconnect With Nature

November weather in Bayfield can be a bit variable. Cool temps have seeped into our day-to-day.

Despite this a day spent hiking:

  • Along Lake Superior
  • In the Big Ravine
  • Or to a waterfall

Is refreshing and a splendid thing to do in Bayfield to connect with Nature.

In our mind, hiking in Bayfield this time of year couldn’t be more perfect. Cool November temperature and no bugs – what more can we say?

Take a walk along Bayfield’s Historic Brownstone trail by stepping out the door of your motel room. This easy hike follows the railway bed along Lake Superior that once carried lumber, sandstone, and more out of Bayfield.

Or hike under the old iron bridge in the Big Ravine, crossing small streams and scaling its steep slopes into orchard country.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous – hike above the Meyers Beach Sea Caves or to Lost Creek Falls.

Let the hiking trails immerse you in the Bayfield Landscape of mature forests, pristine beaches, sandstone sea caves, and waterfalls.

For the avid biker, Bayfield’s back roads and mountain bike trails can serve as a moving meditation. Pedal to:

  • Experience sprawling views of Lake Superior
  • Inhale the earthy smells of the forest
  • Celebrate your body as you pedal up those Bayfield hills

We know visiting Bayfield in November is not for everyone. But for those looking to take a step back, find some rest, and feel refreshed there are plenty of things to do.

Come Stay at Seagull Bay in November

Our devoted staff is here to greet you and help make your weekend stay in November one you won’t forget.

Come and enjoy one of our rooms in our 1940s motel filled with old-school charm and modern touches. Our minimalist design – light and airy color palate begs you to slow down and relax for the weekend.

Whether you come alone, with your best friend, or with someone you love we’ll help you find things to do in Bayfield in November to have the ultimate relaxing weekend.

BOOK NOW to reserve your room with a view.

We can’t wait to meet you,

Mollie, Isaac, Axel, Ridge, and Banks


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