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Up North Cozy

The arrival of winter seems to catch us right when our heads are spinning from the events and activities of the year. With the first snowfall, we take a breath and embrace the next phase of the seasons — a time for rest, reflection, and my favorite activity embracing the Cozy.

Nothing quite beats the magic of taking a snow day, taking time to watch the feathery flakes of snowfall outside of a big glass window. Whether you’re surrounded by loved ones or enjoying some alone time to reflect on the years’ triumphs and challenges, there is a childlike wonder that winter seems to stir in all of us. It gives us time to share and remember the folks who are most important to us, an appreciation for the little things, and a chance to prioritize what we need to be happier, healthier, and a little kinder to ourselves.

1) Take a walk down Main street:

Enjoy a snowy stroll down Main Street, notice the lights, and the street lamp garlands. Stop past the historical Rittenhouse bed and Breakfast and feel the snow crunch under your feet along with some window shopping to fuel your holiday inspiration. You can end up by the pier with a view of Madeline Island or continue to the brownstone trail to enjoy the snow-covered white pines and birch groves. If you miss the Fall orchard season, grab a cup of hot cider made with local apples from the cafes in town to accompany you.

2) Create Something:

Are you an artist or a writer? You don’t have to be a professional to reap the benefits of creative expression. Pick up some art supplies or grab a journal and find your inspiration. Some of my favorite things to paint or write about during winter are the shapes that form in the ice when the lake freezes, especially from a waterfall, try Lost Creek falls or Houghton Falls. Side Note: Be sure to check weather conditions, bring extra layers and maybe snowshoes depending on the time of year!

3) Thrift Store Finds:

Board games are out of style- Said no one ever! If you’re like me, a day well spent is putting together a 1000 piece puzzle ( Okay maybe a 300 piece) while the cold winds carry on outside. Check out Encore, a secondhand store run by hardworking volunteers. Here you can find those classic board games and that perfect festive sweater to go with your activities or festivities I should say.

4) Coffee Shop hideaways:

Coffee is the heart, soul, and root of all things (or is it love?) hmm all of the above. Bayfield has not one, but TWO coffee shops and they’re both great. Kickapoo Coffee Roasters has a minimalistic modern vibe while Gale Force has that local community-centered feel with some artsy touches. Grab your favorite book from Apostle Islands booksellers across the street or a notable classic from Honest Dog books and settle in with a hot cup of joy.

Whether you have come up north to stay or for a cozy winter reset, we are here for whatever you need to “embrace your cozy” in your home away from home.

Blog Written by Lizzy Kelley

Photography: Alysa Rene Photography & Xperience Photography

January 16, 2020

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