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How to Sit Back and Relax – Things to Do in Bayfield When it Rains

You’ve planned and planned. The dates are on the calendar, and you’ve counted down. The closer you get, the more you look at the forecast. The closer you get, the more disappointing it looks.

A weekend filled with rain.

You scratch your list of activities, including an Apostle Islands Cruise. Biking or hiking or any other outdoor activities just doesn’t sound fun anymore.

So what can you do in Bayfield if it rains all weekend??

And with the tourist season winding down, a weekend filled with anticipation is now starting to feel flat. You’re thinking of doing the customary online search of “things to do in Bayfield … if it’s raining”. As a way of salvaging your plans.

You know it’ll feel good to get away.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Take a break from laundry and house cleaning. And away from the constant chatter of kids in the background.

Still, you had dreamt of a fabulous weekend in Bayfield.

  • You envisioned sunny skies.
  • The vibrant fall leaves boasting in color against the dark blue water of Lake Superior.
  • A long afternoon hike above the Meyers Beach Sea Caves.
  • And drinking a cold microbrew on an outdoor patio, soaking in the warmth of the sun on your cheeks.

So now what? What should you do to have a weekend worth remembering when visiting Bayfield?

The Best Things to Do in Bayfield When it Rains

You’re disappointed. The weather isn’t meeting your expectations. We get it. We’ve been there. But we assure you there are plenty of things to do in Bayfield when it rains.

First things first, do you ever feel like you need a vacation after the vacation? You spend so much time and energy planning, booking, and sightseeing that leaves you exhausted from all the fun.

Us too. Especially when traveling with our boys. They always want to do everything within the first 30 minutes after arriving at our destination.

But what if your rain-filled weekend could turn into a weekend of revitalization? A weekend of rest and taking up a slower pace for a few days? How would you feel then?

This week at Seagull Bay we’re outlining some rain-friendly activities. These activities may not be what you planned, but maybe, it’s what you need.

Here’s our list of things to do when it rains in Bayfield.

Friday Night at Da Lou’s Bistro

Just before you come into town you’ll come across one of the best places to eat – Da Lou’s in Washburn, WI. This Italian Bistro features authentic wood fire pizza and homemade artisan desserts.

Owner/chef Dale Hansen’s pizzas have a light and airy crust. They feature local ingredients and are the ultimate comfort food on a dark and rainy night. Paired with a gourmet salad, a warming glass of Zinfindel, and the sweet bites of homemade lavender gelato.

Bad weather or not, a night spent at Da Lou’s will carry away all your worries and set the mood for a relaxing weekend.

Self-care Saturday

Start your day at BLU Studio + Wellness with Subtle to Strong Yoga. Dive deep into breath work beginning with subtle movement. Slowly building into a larger flow and a stronger body. Owner Darcy Schwerin shares her knowledge of yoga, meditation, and holistic care to start your morning.

After yoga wander up the street and treat yourself to something special at Bayfield Cafe – Wonderstate Coffee. They feature a full coffee and tea menu and locally baked goods.

When is the last time you got lost in the pages of a book?

With coffee in hand walk across the street to Apostle Islands Book Sellers to find that novel you’ve been meaning to read. This locally and independently owned full-service bookstore features national bestsellers, local, and regional favorites.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more indulgent weekend. Submerse yourself in full-body relaxation at Superior Body and Spa. Superior Body and Spa offers an indulgent menu of spa services including hot stone massage, facials, nail services, and an infrared sauna. Plus, individual and couples packages are designed to serve your unique needs.

It sounds simple and may not be as glamorous as a spa package, but an afternoon nap is sometimes just what you need.

And if you need permission, here it is it’s okay to take a nap.

It’s ok to take an hour or two so you can wake up feeling refreshed and back to yourself.

Fancy a late afternoon artisan cocktail? A soothing glass of wine? Sip a hand-crafted cocktail featuring local ingredients with award-winning spirits at Copper Crow Distillery.

Or if wine and cider are more your style drive up to Bayfield’s orchard country and visit Bayfield Winery and Blue Ox Cider. Taste the wine made from fruit grown right outside of its windows in the sprawling orchards.

Lastly, meander to Good Thyme Restaurant near Washburn – a short 10-minute drive from Seagull Bay. This restaurant has been a staple eatery in the Bayfield area since 1999. Their menu features hand-made dishes, local ingredients, and artisan cuisine to inspire anyone’s palate.

Along with a full-service bar, beer, and wine menu this casual fine dining experience begs you to sit back and relax into the night.

Take it Slow Sunday Morning

As you slowly drift out of town stop at Cafe Coco in Washburn for one more indulgence after checkout. Cafe Coco Artisan Bakery & Good Eats is the thing to do in Bayfield when it rains on a Sunday morning. Mouth-watering pastries, yummy gluten-free options, and creative breakfast entrees are perfect for any traveler.

Seagull Bay Invites You to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things to Do in Bayfield When It Rains

We know it’s not how you planned your vacation. But you can see that Bayfield is the ideal place to visit even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. There are plenty of things to do in Bayfield – even in the rain.

And at Seagull Bay, we’re here to welcome you – rain or shine. With newly renovated rooms, Lake Superior views, and an old-school charm that puts you at ease when you walk through our doors.

BOOK NOW and don’t worry about the weather.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Mollie, Isaac, Axel, Ridge, and Banks


DaLou’s Bistro

BLU studio + wellness

Bayfield Cafe – Wonderstate Coffee

Apostle Islands Booksellers

Copper Crow Distillery

Bayfield Winery

Good Thyme Restaurant & Catering

Cafe Coco – Washburn

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