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Bayfield, WI – How to Get Big Things Done During a Workcation at Seagull Bay

Seagull Bay in Bayfield, WI

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re working from home and you have some big projects that need to get done.

The kids are in school and your husband is gone. You’re ready to hunker down and get some deep work done. All of a sudden, the school calls. One of your kids is sick and needs to be picked up within the hour.

Of course, you stop what you’re doing to get your child. Once you get home, you get your child settled and think, “Ok, I can still get this done.”

But then your husband calls to say the repair guy is coming over to fix (name any appliance).

Plus, the dog wants to be in and out of the house all day long, and is constantly barking at the squirrels.

The time you set aside for work has all but vanished.

I’ve lived out this scenario more than once. And as one of the owners of Seagull Bay in Bayfield, WI, you can imagine the frequent interruptions and all the directions I’m pulled into.

That’s when I sneak into a vacant room, open my laptop, take a deep breath, and focus on what needs to get done.

The peace and quiet I find in one of our rooms helps clear my mind and allows me to work on the things I’ve either been procrastinating on or have just plain gotten stuck.

Inside the four walls of our rooms is the perfect place to get a lot of work done without the disruptions that happen when you work from home.

Why Seagull Bay Is the Place to Stay In Bayfield, WI During Your Workcation

If you work remotely and need to get out of your usual office, Seagull Bay is the ideal place to tackle that big project and get things done.

Sometimes, switching locations can be the best environmental hack to support your productivity and deep work.

Seagull Bay is easy to find and on the edge of Bayfield, WI — far enough away from the enticing shops and restaurants. Once you’re nestled in your room, the quiet and calming environment is the perfect distraction-free office setting.

The large windows with sweeping views of Lake Superior add to this peaceful atmosphere. Imagine looking out onto the lake from your window-side table as your mind organizes and plans your next steps.

 A man reads in a window side chair at the Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield, WI

There are multiple surfaces to work from:

  • Window side table and chairs
  • The bed
  • Standing at the counter of your kitchenette
  • Sitting on the shared balcony or private deck

Moving your body throughout the day can help keep you motivated. Something as simple as changing surfaces can be just what you need to stay on task.

And when you need a break, The Brownstone Trail is just steps away from your room — no matter which Seagull Bay property you’re staying at.

This old railroad grade is an easy walk along the Lake Superior shoreline to keep your creative juices flowing. You can follow it to the west for a longer walk or venture into Bayfield to Wonderstate Cafe to fuel up with your favorite coffee.

Fully equipped kitchen at the Seagull Bay Motel in Bayfield,WI

And you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen where you can:

  • Keep your favorite snacks
  • Cook a hearty meal
  • Reach for a plate and fork to eat takeout from a local restaurant

Plus, with high-speed internet, we have the amenities to help you stay connected, fueled, inspired, and productive during your workcation in Bayfield, WI.

Imagine a Workday Like This

Here are a few things to help you make the most out of your workcation. They’re simple but can make all the difference.

First, start your day with a morning ritual. Maybe you have one in place that easily adapts to any environment. Or take some of these ideas for a productive work day at Seagull Bay in Bayfield, WI.


  • Start your day off with a stroll on The Brownstone Trail before sitting down to work.
  • Or grab your backpack and hang out at Wonderstate Cafe while sipping your coffee and nibbling on a homemade pasty.
  • Before heading back to your room, grab lunch to go at Starlit Kitchen just around the corner from Wonderstate.


  • Hunker down in your room and start typing away and checking things off your list.
  • At the end of your day, unwind with an evening yoga class at BLU studio + wellness or book a late afternoon massage at Superior Body and Massage.


  • Grab dinner at one of Bayfield’s premier restaurants or cook one of your favorite meals (you know, the one no one else in your family will eat).
  • Maybe work for another hour or two or watch something on Netflix you haven’t had time for.
  • Or read a motivational book before slipping into your soft, cozy bed, letting the sound of the waves lapping onto shore lull you into a restful sleep.

Here are a few other things you can bring to make your Bayfield workcation extra special:

  • Bring your favorite pens or special stationery to take notes on.
  • Buy a new journal to write in during your workday startup ritual.
  • Pack comfy clothes and your favorite pair of slippers.
  • Make a special playlist to help keep you focused throughout the day.

Whether you’re coming for a day or three (or five!), we can help you curate your best work environment so you can finally complete your to-do list.

And if you want a little entertainment to help break up your day, there are plenty of options in Bayfield.

Balance Work and Play in Bayfield, WI

When you come to Bayfield, Wisconsin on a workcation, work is your priority. But who says you can’t have a little fun too?

Here are a few ideas to consider when you need a break.

Go on a hike. Bayfield, WI is a hiking destination. Not only is The Brownstone Trail right outside your door, but there are several trails within a five-minute drive of Seagull Bay.

Check out Wednesday Nights at The Backstage. Here, you can listen to local musicians during the popular open mic nights while tasting delicious small plates from the menu.

Take a yoga or meditation class at Blu studio + wellness. Unwind your body and your mind from all the hard work you’re doing. You deserve it!

Hit the ski and snowshoe trails. If you visit during the winter, adventuring out on one of Mount Ashwabay’s picturesque ski and snowshoe trails is sure to help keep your mind refreshed and on task when you get back to your room.

Visit some local Bayfield shops where you can pick up one-of-a-kind gifts, books, or a piece of art to keep you inspired in your temporary office.

No matter how you decide to spend your time when you work from one of our rooms, you’ll find plenty of options to help you be your most productive self.

Start Planning Your Workcation at Seagull Bay in Bayfield, WI

Two Queen sized beds and seating area of Cottage property of Seagull Bay Motel

You don’t have to go far, and you don’t have to come on the weekend.

Consider booking during the week so you don’t miss out on precious family time.

A good time to take a Bayfield workcation is:

  • Before taking an extended leave, such as maternity leave.
  • Before you leave for an extended vacation.
  • When you have a big deadline looming over your head.

No matter the timing, if you need a space to help you stay inspired and on track, we have a room for you.

BOOK NOW and start planning your workcation in Bayfield, WI.

Enjoy the view!

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Wonderstate Cafe

Starlit Kitchen

Blu studio + wellness

The Backstage

Superior Body & Spa

Mount Ashwabay

October 24, 2023

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