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Bayfield Rec Center – Year-Round Opportunities for Active Living

Do you ever feel like you have found a solid rhythm in your health and fitness routine only to get it unraveled by one vacation or event outside of your normal routine? Maybe it’s your exercise routine. Or food plan. Or yoga practice.

This surely happens to me. Hi, I’m Mollie, co-owner of Seagull Bay, and if there’s one thing I’m a tad obsessive about, it’s getting my workout in.

With three boys ages six and under, plus running a motel business with my husband Isaac, the only way I feel I can truly keep up with everything is by sticking to my workout routine. Whether it’s 15 minutes or 30 minutes, I work hard to steal away a little bit of time each day to stay healthy.

There are so many unavoidable events that disrupt my normal routines:

  • Christmas break
  • A recent trip to visit my mom with the kids in Florida
  • The busyness of the summer season

It’s easy to get disrupted. And it can be hard to be back into a workout routine.

I fully admit I have the convenience of having my workout equipment easily accessible inside my home, but for many Bayfield residents and visitors who strive to live a healthy lifestyle, the Bayfield Rec Center is their lifeline.

The Bayfield Rec Center is a nonprofit Community-Based pool and fitness center offering programs, classes, and events to help promote healthy living to the Bayfield, Wisconsin Community.

As a child growing up in Bayfield, Isaac remembers the Bayfield Rec Center as the place he learned to swim, attended birthday parties, and participated in weightlifting during various school sports practices.

The Bayfield Rec Center is a true gem for our community. It’s the perfect place to help you with your fitness and workout routines. Or perhaps it’s the Rec Center itself luring you into Bayfield to participate in a one-of-a-kind fundraising event like the Bayfield Winter Festival or the Point to Lapointe Open Water Swim. There is something at the Rec Center for everyone.

Saline Pool, Sauna, Hot Tub, and Fitness Center

mother holds her infant son in the pool at the Bayfield Rec Center

The Bayfield Rec Center is home to a 25-meter saline pool. The saline pool at the Bayfield Rec Center is truly a luxury. Using a low-salt solution similar to the human tear provides a more comfortable swimming experience for all. Less eye irritation and skin discomfort are just some of the many benefits a saline swimming pool has to offer.

The saline pool is an ideal place for lap swimmers, aquatic classes, kid’s swim lessons, and recreational swimming for the whole family.

Within the pool area, the Bayfield Rec Center also features a cedar-built sauna and an 1800-gallon hot tub that uses ultraviolet lights to help kill harmful bacteria and limit the amount of chlorine needed to provide you with a clean and relaxing hot tub experience.

The Bayfield Rec Center also offers a completely equipped fitness center. The building features cardio equipment, functional weightlifting machines, and free weights, so you never have to miss a workout.

The Bayfield Rec Center’s fitness room includes:

  • 3 treadmills
  • 2 elliptical trainers
  • 1 Stairmaster
  • 1 rowing machine
  • 3 stationary bicycles
  • Large selection of free weights
  • Universal cable machine
  • Squat rack and adjustable benches
  • Selectorized Weight lifting equipment for both the novice and expert

And depending on the time of year the Bayfield Rec Center offers multiple programs and classes including familiar favorites like:

  • Red Cross Swim Lessons
  • Aquafit classes
  • SilverSneakers

But the Rec Center also hosts other programs unique to our area including North Coast Community Sailing held each summer.

The North Coast Community Sailing teaches kids ages four years to 18 years of age how to sail on the open waters of Lake Superior. This amazing program at the Bayfield Rec Center teaches young sailors independence, self-reliance, water safety, and confidence on the lake.

Programs and Classes at the Bayfield Rec Center

The Bayfield Rec Center offers several aquatic classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Some classes include:

  • Aquafit
  • Parent and child swim classes
  • Red Cross Swim Lessons
  • Family swimming lessons or private swimming lessons
  • Bay Area Swim Team

The Bayfield Rec Center also offers certification classes for CPR certification, first aid, and lifeguard training.

Consider dropping in an aquafit class to help mix up your fitness routine, spend time in the fitness room, or bring the whole family and book private family swimming lessons the next time you visit Bayfield. The Bayfield Rec Center is also the perfect place to be when it’s too cold to enjoy Bayfield’s many outdoor activities in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Popular Events Hosted by the Bayfield Rec Center

If you’re looking for something a bit different to try, consider one of these destination events hosted by the Bayfield Rec center.

The Bayfield Winter Festival

The 2023 Bayfield Winter Festival starts on March 3rd through the 5th This is where the town comes together to celebrate snow, ice, and cabin fever.

The winter festival features the Jack Beagan Polar Plunge to help raise money for the Bayfield Rec Center. This crazy, cold, and courageous event is held on Saturday, March 4th, at 12:00 p.m. at the Bayfield City dock.

Bring your family to join in this daredevil fun!

Whether you dress up in your most fabulous costume and take the plunge, or you’re a more sensible spectator, the Polar Plunge is the premier event during the Bayfield Winter Festival. Stay tuned as we’ll highlight this fun-filled weekend and its activities in our next blog.

Point to LaPointe Open Water Swim 2023

One of Bayfield’s most famous outdoor racing events is undoubtedly the Point to LaPointe Open Water Swim.

The Point to LaPointe started in 2006 when 24 swimmers encouraged each other to swim 2.1 miles across the bay, starting from a small beach in Bayfield swimming to the town of LaPointe on Madeline Island.

Since then, this event has grown to 650 swimmers and is a premier swimming event drawing people from all across the Midwest to participate.

From flat calm conditions to two-foot waves, swimmers have followed a marked course guided by buoys and kayakers and are monitored by the US Coast Guard.

This event raises money to support the Bayfield Rec Center and helps to motivate you to keep up with your training program. Plus, what an incredible sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you walk onto the beach on Madeline Island after this adventurous swimming event.

This famed event offers both a competitive and a non-competitive division. It starts at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 5th, 2023.

Seagull Bay Is Thankful to Have the Bayfield Rec Center

The Bayfield community is proud and truly grateful to have the Bayfield Rec Center and all its amenities offered to our community.

From swim lessons to lifting weights. The Polar Plunge and the Point to LaPointe swim. The value the Bayfield Rec Center adds to our community is priceless.

When you’re looking to keep up with your health and fitness routine or it’s too cold to enjoy the many outdoor adventures Bayfield offers, we hope you’ll consider taking some time and enjoying the Bayfield Rec Center.

And when visiting Seagull Bay, you can start your warm-up easily by walking out your door and accessing The Brownstone Trail into town, which will lead you directly to the Rec Center.

And if you’re considering bringing the whole family to participate in swimming or sailing classes, we have lodging arrangements to make you and your family feel right at home. Visiting Bayfield doesn’t have to mean skipping out on your workouts and activity.

BOOK NOW and start planning your trip, and don’t forget to check out their program calendar.


Bayfield Rec Center

February 4, 2023

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