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An update from Mollie

Hello Everyone,

It’s Mollie here; I wanted to give an update since April 23 (yes, I went back and looked) was the last I checked in. There has been a LOT of change in our world in the past eight weeks, and we all have been affected in some way or another.

Our little family spent a lot of time together; it was wonderful and challenging all at once. I took time off the computer to spend more time with kids, and although I am behind in so many areas, I’m ahead with the kids, and that’s what matters most. We did some outside landscaping throughout the motel property, and the boys (Axel 3, Ridge 2) were hooked! That’s the only “work” they wanted to do. They hauled sticks, rocks, and had shovels with them at all times. They would sit in the office and watch a show with Paul while they eat snacks, take out the garbage with dad, found a “sandbox” in the lakeside lawn for dump trucks, and mainly ran around the yard, and be kids. This week they started daycare, which is another huge change, but they love it, and we are missing them.

We have reopened since the last email, and things are running very smoothly here at Seagull Bay. We implemented a touch-free check-in process via texting. We LOVE it and hope you do too. Our goal was to implement a process that allowed for a speedy check-in with the safety of our guests in mind. Know that if you prefer to visit us in the office or on the back lawn, we would be happy to catch up, and we want to see all of you!

Bayfield is OPEN, and we are thrilled that our favorite stores, restaurants, and activities are back up and running, and the streets filling with parked cars. It’s a great feeling of normalcy seeing the town start to come alive for the summer. Even though several events have been canceled, you can still enjoy time outdoors and everyone’s favorite big lake.

We at Seagull Bay also want you to feel comfortable and welcome. No matter who you are, what your background is, or where you come from. We are in full support of equal justice for all communities and hope that we as a world can come together and change.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out. We are here to serve you and provide a little getaway to everyone. We are restoring a slice of Bayfield for you!

April 23, 2020

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