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2023 Motel Makeover at Seagull Bay Lakeside Motel in Bayfield, Wisconsin

I’ve waited so long for this moment!

When Isaac and I first toured Seagull Bay Motel in the early summer of 2017, we immediately saw its potential.

Seagull Bay’s location couldn’t be more ideal.

  • Perched above the banks of Lake Superior.
  • Direct access to the Brownstone Trail.
  • A business we could raise our family around.
  • Motel makeover ideas instantly filled my head.

Seagull Bay was our ticket to move our young family out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota to Isaac’s hometown Bayfield, Wisconsin.

If you’ve owned a business, you know the dreams and excitement you feel. But you also know the reality of hard work never before imagined.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can honestly say I love the life and business we’ve created for our family. And I love creating a comfortable and rest-filled space for our guests when visiting Bayfield, Wisconsin.

We were blessed in our first year of ownership to have the previous owners, Mike and Jeannie Goodier. They taught us the ropes of how to run a motel. From Mike and Jeannie, we learned the value of true hospitality and the importance of creating a lodging experience for our guests.

And, like any new business owner, we hit the ground running.

  • We learned how to manage employees.
  • Established new policies and processes to help make our business more efficient.
  • And, of course, we got a crash course in accounting and taxes.

As we became more grounded in our business, we began to dream again. We started tackling the much-needed upkeep of our 1940s motel.

We started with simple things such as replacing shower drains, refreshing the bedding, and painting. Last year our winter project included making over 6 of the rooms at Bay West.

This year we are renovating our main property’s East Building and Cottage. This will complete a motel makeover we’ve dreamed about for years.

A Look at the East Building Before the Motel Makeover

One of the things I absolutely love about our rooms at Seagull Bay is that each one faces the lake.

As soon as you open the door, your eye is immediately drawn to the expansive and unobstructed views of Madeline Island, Long Island, and Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior.

Even better, each room has a door leading to the shared balcony. On the balcony, two chairs invite you to settle in and get lost in the stunning landscape. You can watch glowing sunrises while sipping your morning coffee. Or enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing to the sounds of the waves lapping onto the shoreline.

And what better inspiration for our motel makeover than Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands? As it sits right now, our rooms hint at a coastal feel, and our Cottage definitely reminds you of a rustic lakeside family cabin.

There is oak wainscotting halfway up the walls, and green Berber carpeting created for high-traffic areas ready to be modernized. We also have some laminate countertops I’d rather forget.

Within the Cottage and a few of our guest suites, the kitchenette’s electric stove tops date back to I don’t know when.

There are walls begging to be opened and bathrooms waiting to be updated.

We can’t wait to see the finished project, but until then, we want to share with you some of our motel design ideas we think you’ll love.

A Sneak Peak at Our Motel Renovation Ideas for the East Building

I truly love the old-school charm and the warmth you feel when you enter one of our motel rooms at our main property. They’re traditional in style and provide a simple and minimalistic design.

We think the true jewel of Bayfield is the water, its landscape, and the adventures found outside of the four walls of your room.

The magic of Bayfield is truly outside.

  • The Apostle Islands
  • The Beautiful Orchards
  • Hiking, Biking, and Ski Trails
  • The town’s Historic Main Street
  • Pristine Beaches

And we want to continue to honor that. But while celebrating our history, we want to provide you with a motel makeover that’ll enhance your Bayfield vacation.

Although Seagull Bay Motel was initially built in the 1940s, we are advancing ahead a few years to give the East Building more of a mid-century modern aesthetic.

You can expect sleek in linear lines, so the focus is still on our number one feature: Lake Superior.

We want you to picture:

  • Statement light fixtures
  • Warm brass accents and wood tones
  • Contrasting with white and blue tiles
  • Hints of a coastal theme without going over the top nautical

Each Room will receive new bed frames, tables, chairs, and mirrors.

The bathrooms and kitchenettes will be modernized. It’ll give you the function and comfort you need when staying in the East Building or Cottage.

Demolition has already begun, and we can’t wait to show you the finished product. If you want to sneak a peek at our design style, check out last winter’s renovation at Bay West. Here you’ll get a taste of what’s to come.

We guarantee the next time you open the doors to one of these rooms, you’ll be instantly invited to its magnificent view. But as you rush to the window, your eye will also be drawn to the beautiful decor and fresh design around you.

Be the First to Stay In Our Newly Renovated Rooms at Seagull Bay Lakeside Motel

Do you remember in the movie Titanic when Rose is an old woman and starts to tell her story of her experience as a first-class guest on the RMS Titanic? There’s a part where she says–she can still smell the fresh paint. The sheets have never been slept in, and the dishes have never been used (or something close to that).

Although we’re not creating a first-class motel, we want you to have a first-class experience when staying at Seagull Bay Lakeside Motel.

The East Building and the Cottage will be ready to greet you in the spring of 2023. Here you can expect:

  • Eye-catching views
  • Comfortable seating on the shared balcony
  • Sleek and sophisticated mid-century modern decor

And a deeper sense of adventure and relaxation during your stay at Seagull Bay.

The East Building, the Cottage, the Guest House, and our property at Bay West offer lodging arrangements:

  • Perfect for any couple seeking adventure
  • Families wanting to create memories
  • Friends looking to reconnect

We’re so excited to share our motel makeover of the East Building and Cottage with you!

BOOK NOW and be one of the first guests to stay in one of our freshly renovated motel rooms.

We look forward to greeting you!

The Carrier Family,

Mollie, Isaac, Axel, Ridge, and Banks

December 31, 2022

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