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10 reasons we’re thankful for Bayfield and the Seagull Bay Motel

The end of the year brings a season of thankfulness. A time of reflection for all that is has been and a renewed purpose for all that it will be.

In a world full of negativity, Isaac and I try to be grateful and ins the positives in every situation. Not just in November on Thanksgiving, but every day year-round.

We’re thankful for our staff, who see the vision and are moving one foot in front of the other each day, helping us create the best place for our guests.ace that we have here at Seagull Bay. Lake Superior is the real reason Seagull Bay is even here to begin with.

We are thankful for our guests, who support us through and through, who cheer us on as we lay out the vision for the motel. It makes all the “work” seem like nothing. From the stories they tell of the memories made at Seagull Bay, it makes us dream up even bigger dreams, and to take you all along with us.

We are thankful for the opportunity, and Mike and Jeanne Goodier as they spent 22 years creating this place, for all people. They gave us the chance to move back home and restore a slice of Bayfield for you. The opportunity for us to have new careers and live at a pace better suited for our family, and offered a steady hand as we took over ownership, and started gaining the love for Seagull Bay, just as they said we would.

We are thankful for the changing seasons. Spring brings the renewal of a new year and dreams unfolding. Summer is our favorite time of year, many of our guests would agree, and don’t forget that big lake again (did I mention its the best in the world.) Fall couldn’t be more beautiful on Lake Superior or in the woods. Winter brings feet of snow to play in and time to recharge with our kids.

We’re thankful for all of you adventure enthusiasts who travel to Bayfield and create pure enjoyment form the land, the lake, and the atmosphere.

We were thankful for the ongoing learning we receive from books and people who help us broaden our minds and share wisdom with us.

Were thankful for Bayfield, a little town with a big soul and beauty beyond what words can describe. Creative minds and endless opportunities. Bayfield you are wonderful.

We’re thankful for our staff, who sees the vision and are moving one foot in front of the other each day, helping us create the best place for our guests.

We’re thankful for our family who taught us what it is to work hard, and not give up. To reach for the stars because we might get lucky and grab one.

We were most thankful for our little boys, Axel, and Ridge who are the real reasons we ever came home to Bayfield. They will never know the impact they had on our decisions to move and claim our part of history with Seagull Bay.

Through thick and thin, we’re surrounded by love and support. When times get tough, and the water gets choppy, I can see we live a truly blessed life.

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